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Internet explorer browser has been crashed? Find the reliable solution here


Suppose if you are working with your email account but suddenly you found that your internet explorer web browser is not perfectly working, freezes, hang or crashes then how can you troubleshoot this issue? I know this is very annoying situation for any user if they do not properly working with their internet explorer. To make you trouble free, here I am sharing some of the best troubleshoot tips so that you can again working with your internet explorer.

1) Simply go with reset the internet explorer:

  • Immediately open your internet explorer and click on tool menu.
  • Tap the internet option & then press on advanced tab
  • Now you have to click on reset button. Once you click on that here you will find another box and checked a box which is named as “delete personal setting”
  • Finally you have to click on reset button. Hope this problem will solve, if not then go with another steps.

2) Sometime this problem is also occurring due to graphics hardware and graphics and driver. So in this case you have to disable your software rendering.

  • First open your internet explorer then click on tool menu
  • Now click on internet option and then press the advanced tab
  • Here you have to unchecked a option which is named as “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” which is located at accelerated graphics.

Again this encountered problem? Then try these steps:

3) This type of problem is happens with browser’s cookies and cache. So immediately clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

  • First you have to open the setting menu which is located at top right corner
  • Then hit the internet option. Then go to general tab where you will find browsing history option
  • Now you have to check the temporary files and websites files, cookies & website data, history and download history boxes & finally click on delete option. Now close the internet explorer and restart it

4) You can also uninstall the unwanted toolbar

5) You can also disable the unwanted add-ons from the internet explorer

6) First uninstall the java, flash player and silver light and then again re-install it.

How to Get Rid Of Spam Forever from Gmail Account?


Today, a normal person can receive approx 500 pieces of junk mail which become hectic for that user. This continuously receiving of spam mails becomes the user more irritating and if you are getting sick of that kind of mails then simply hit the delete button and get rid of this problem. Here, through this post you will know how to get rid of spam messages.

If you are Gmail user and continuously receive unwanted mail then try these steps which I mention below to solve your problem regarding spam.

  • First, simply log in your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.
  • Once you successfully enter in your Gmail account, click on spam which is located at top left side.
  • After that click “all” it means you select all messages for delete purpose.
  • Finally hit the delete forever option and you will see your spam messages are delete.

This is the simple way to get rid of spam mails. But apart from that I share some of the best possible way to get rid of the spam mails.

  • If you want a proper resolution regarding this problem so immediately blacklist a domain, server or sender so that you will never receive any kind of spam mails from them.
  • You can also use spam filter option to get rid of the spam messages. There are two spam filter techniques i.e. SPAM fighter Pro or mail washer pro which is basically designed to reduce the spam mails.
  • You can simply report to that spam. If you are Gmail user then look here where I mention some steps, how to report of spam mails.
  • First go to sign page of Gmail and enter your email address and password. After that once you enter in your Gmail account, open that mail which you think is spam.
  • Now click on down arrow which is located at right side of message.
  • After that scroll it and search for report spam.

Once you report it as a spam then you will never receive any kind of unwanted mail from that person or company.

  • If you thinks that your mail account is time to time is flooded by spam mails so the best way to get rid of this problem is to change your mail account.

If you have any other query or problem regarding spam then try to contact with technical experts for instant support.

Outlook cannot connect to Gmail? Find the instant solution here


What happen? Your outlook is not connected with Gmail and it doesn’t not accept your credential? If is it so, then find the quick and best solution to solve if outlook is not connected with Gmail. This post will helps you to solve your connection problem between the outlook and Gmail. First of all you should know why this error has occurred? Actually this issue is occurred if the basic authentication is not enabled for Gmail account then this connection problem has encountered this issue.

But here I will try my level best to get rid of this problem. You have to do only one thing, just step by step follow the points which I clearly stated below:

Guys, to solve this problem first we have to enable the POP/IMAP setting.  So for this, first of all you have to visit your Gmail account through your login credential like username and password. Then look top right side where you get the setting icon just hit that. Now scroll that setting icon and click on setting option. Under the setting option you will find forwarding IMAP/POP just hit that. Here you have to enable the IMAP and click on save changes.

Can you tell me why we selecting the IMAP? Only because the IMAP is act as a communication bridge between your web mail and email client. And here your email client is outlook that’s why we are using here IMAP.

Now get ready to connect Gmail to outlook:

  • First you users have to visit start menu then & open your outlook then hit the file and press add account button.
  • Now here you have to go with manual server or additional server types after that choose next. Then select POP or IMAP. Then type your email address and password.
  • Here you select the IMAP so for this the incoming mail server type is imap.gmail.com and for outgoing mail server is smtp.gmail.com. Then fill your al login information and hit the more setting option.
  • After that move on to outgoing server and choose my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Then move further to advance and use SSL to encrypt connection. Here you have to enter the port number for IMAP should be 993 and exactly in the same manner or SMTP the port number should be 465. And finally click on OK button. visit to Gmail Support customer service

How to Recover or Retrieve Deleted mails from Gmail Account?


How do I retrieve my deleted mails from Gmail? This frequent question is asked by mostly users on daily basis. Large number of people faces this scenario; they found that their mails are missing somehow and even they didn’t delete their mails. So how can you recover your deleted mails? If you are looking for instant solution regarding this, so here you can recover your mails by simply following the post.

  • You can recover your deleted mails through Gmail inbox. For this process:
  • The first thing you have to do, immediately move to trash folder or recycle bin for Gmail to recover your mails.
  • Here you can search your deleted mails in trash folder. The Gmail provides you one in-built feature called “search feature” go to trash folder and type the keyword which is related to your emails, if the mail which you are searching over there is reside then surely you are able to recover it.
  • Once you found that your mails, then immediately right click on the message and move to inbox folder.

By this way you can retrieve your deleted mails from Gmail inbox.

  • There is another way to recover your deleted mails i.e. from Gmail trash. For this process:
  • This situation arise only when if your mails is deleted permanently. So here you are required to contact Google support team to retrieve emails. Here Google will provide one form which you have to fill very carefully and describing your all problem which you are experience right now. After that Google will look after in your matter and solve your problem as soon as possible.

In some of the cases users cannot find the trash folder in Gmail just because of some reason, now how can you recover your mails right now? Try these below steps:

  • Open your Gmail by email address and password. Now go to setting icon and click it then again click on setting option.
  • Now go to labels option under the setting, here you have to select show button to display trash folder in Gmail.
  • Make sure this process will helps you to recover your deleted mails in Gmail.

And last but not least, you can directly contact to technical experts if these above steps are not enough for you. Quickly contact to technicians and find the reliable solution regarding this problem.

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail?


If you want quick mailing facility and instant communication then surely you have to go with one of the best and advanced mailing platform called Gmail. I know some of the users still prefer the previous mailing platform such as: hotmail, that’s why they didn’t get the instant and quick mailing features. If you are a hotmail user and facing the jammed issue and all then immediately you have to switch with most proficient web mail service i.e. Gmail. And once if you are using the Gmail for mailing activities then damn sure you didn’t have to face this type of problem in future.

But how will you switch from hotmail to Gmail, if you think like that then go with the steps below so that you can know how to sync the hotmail with Gmail account. You can do this process through two methods:

  • Simple you can transfer your contact. For this:
  • First you have to open your hotmail account by entering your email address and password. After that just click on contact option which is located at left sidebar. Under the contact page you have to click on manage menu and select export.
  • After this step just log in your Gmail account and go to contact window where you find the option of import.
  • After that hit the choose file button and open the file “WLMcontacts.csv” make sure this your hotmail contact. Now you’re all contact are moved to Gmail.
  • You can also transfer everything. For this:
  • Open your Gmail account through your email address and password. Then go to setting icon, scroll down and click on the setting option.
  • Under the setting option you will find the option of account and import just click on that. After that, here you have to go with import mail and contact option.
  • Once you did this, and then enter your hotmail email address and hotmail password.
  • Here you will find some options choose the desired option and click on start import.
  • After that, it takes some time to import your contact successfully. And once you complete it, you are good to go.

Further if you have any issue or problem regarding transferring the mail then immediately contact to technical experts. They solve your all problem step by step and make you error free.

How to Solve Attach Files Error on Gmail Account


Gmail is free cost of service and you can spend and using this email services is unlimited. In Present Time, you can use this email YouTube, Creating Google Plus social pages, Play store, store 15 gb data. Some time we have facing issue on Gmail like error in opening the account, Login error, Password error, Error in the Gmail app on Android, sync errors, Configurations error, Gmail Error Code #007, attach files error many more.

How to Solve Attach Files Error on Gmail Account

  • First you need to remove all history from your web browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc)
  • Then open with Gmail.com on your web browsers
  • Click on Compose a new email
  • And then Upload File from your desktop
  • And send the File

If you are facing following problems on your Gmail account then you need to follow same instructions.

  • Cannot attach files in Gmail using Firefox
  • Unable to attach files in Gmail using chrome
  • Can’t attach files in Gmail android
  • Unable to attach file in Gmail
  • There were errors attaching your file(s). Gmail
  • Cannot attach files in Gmail using chrome
  • Attachment failed Gmail chrome
  • Unable to attach files in Gmail app

Visit to Gmail Customer Service Expert

How To Close Outlook.com Account and Delete Hotmail Account

How To Close Outlook.com Account and Delete Hotmail Account

Do you want to close your existent Hotmail account? If so then read the simple process that would easily aid you in getting rid of all the issues and complications.

Closing the account means that your email and contacts are deleted from the server and cannot be recovered and the email address can be only recovered after 60 days of the closing of the account and can be used by someone. In order to close the account it is significant to understand all the ramifications How To Close Outlook.com Account and Delete Hotmail email account permanently closing the account. For instance you have to affirm that you are not leaving behind any important information which you might need it later.

Some of the query Outlook/Hotmail

  • How do you delete your Outlook account?
  • How do I delete an Outlook profile?
  • How do I delete my Outlook account 2016?
  • How do I delete my phone number from Outlook?
  • How do I delete an Outlook mail account?
  • How do I change my phone number in Outlook?
  • How do I change my Contact card in Outlook?
  • How do I change my outlook email address?

To successfully Close Outlook.com Account and Delete Hotmail email account permanently

  • Go to close the account
    • If you are asked to sign in or verify the account just follow the instructions
    • Check that the page shows the correct Microsoft account and click, Next
    • When you are asked a reason in ‘Select a Reason’ select that you are closing your account
    • Click on Mark account for Closure

And you have successfully closed the account but in case you are encountering any trouble then you can reach out to the experts from Microsoft. Hotmail customer support is instantly offered to users in order to best resolve all their complications and issues.

How To Close & Delete Outlook.com Account via Hotmail Customer Technical Assistance

Technical issues ought to be clearly resolved else they can lead to numerous complications. If you are experiencing any trouble in your mail account especially for closing it then you can fetch needed assistance from Hotmail customer support professionals who are highly trained qualified professionals and offer best assistance.

Hotmail Help Desk Number

If you are looking for swift assistance to overcome various complications in your hotmail account then you can avail needed help from technicians at Hotmail helpline contact details. The experts offer holistic assistance and resolve all problems sans any hassles.


How to Block Pop Ups on Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7 | Pop-up Blocker Settings | Pop-ups Removal Troubleshooting


Mozilla Firefox Browser is one of user-friendly with useful web browsers. This browser is used on all over the world.  It has the lot of attractive features. Sometime Firefox browser is not working well due to some technical fault. Some time we faced pop ups issues which users can not work properly. We have trick for remove the pop ups from Mozilla Firefox.

How to Block Pop Ups on Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7

Open “Mozilla Firefox Web-Browser with Click on the drop-down- menu on the top left corner

Select/choose “Options.”

The “Options” window will open and Click on the “Content” tab.

Check the Block-pop-up windows.

I think this blog is very use full for those users who are facing such kinds of problems. visit Mozilla Firefox Support Number

How to remove pop ups from Google chrome?


Using pop-ups is a great idea because through this feature user will know about the online advertising on the World Wide Web. This pop-up is containing advertisement which is generated by java script. This is the best way to advertise any product in online. But sometime users getting frustrated about the unwanted pop-ups they want to stop that irritating pop-ups but might be possible due to lack of technical skills or any other reasons they are not able to block or remove the unwanted pop-ups.

This pop-up is by default showing up in your computer screen but once you block it then you do not have to face this hectic issue again.

How do I turn off the pop-ups in Google chrome?

  1. If you are using your computer system then open your chrome browser and go to top right side where you find the more icon just click on that option.
  2. After that search for setting option and click on it. At the bottom of the page you will find the option of “show advanced setting” hit on that.
  3. After that under the privacy section just click on “content setting”
    Then choose the options under “pop-ups”
  • Do not allow any site to show pop-ups
  • Allow all sites to show pop-ups

Similarly you can block the pop-ups from the sites.

  1. Open your chrome browser and click on more tool. After that hit the setting option. Then click on show advanced setting and click on content setting under the privacy section.
  2. After that under the “pop-up” section just click on “manage exceptions”
  3. You will find the delete option to the right side just click on that and finally at the bottom of the page click on done button.

But unfortunately sometime these pop-ups haven’t stopped and still users have to face this pop-ups problem. But make sure if these above steps will not work then try to use “chrome cleanup tool” which finds the unwanted and suspicious programs and remove it from your windows computers. This amazing tool works for all the supported web browsers like: internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, edge etc.

Configure Microsoft Outlook for Gmail – Via Manual Settings


The Gmail is largest using free web mail service provider and Outlook is one of the best web mail client. And what happen if both Gmail and outlook combined or configured with each other? Obviously it gives a positive impact for user, because they can easily handle their Gmail activity and outlook activity in one mail client. By this configuration you are not required to use different mail account. Simply you can configure your Gmail account with outlook and enjoy its amazing features and services.

You can simply configure the outlook to handle your Gmail account once you enable POP or IMAP as per your choice. But how can you enable the IMAP setting and POP? If find any difficulty then look below where I mention some beneficial points so that you can easily enable the IMAP setting and then configure Gmail with outlook.

  • Folks, first you have to log in to your account by the help of your email address and password. Once you enter in your Gmail account, look on the right side where you find the option of setting icon just hit that. Now click on setting option when you scroll it.
  • Under the setting option you have to click on forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then click on enable POP for all mail that arrives from now on under the POP download option.
  • After that choose archive’s Gmail copy and click on save option.

For manual configuration:

  • In your account, go to file menu and select add account option. Then dialog box appear where you have to select manually configure server setting or additional server types. And click on next option. Now choose internet email and hit the click button.
  • After that, enter your email address, name and your password. Under the account type section choose POP or IMAP.
  • Then enter gmail.com or pop.gmail.com for incoming server. And enter smtp.gmail.com for outgoing server.
  • Now click on more setting and select my outgoing server requires authentication under the outgoing tab.
  • Then click on use same setting as my incoming server and move to advanced tab.
  • Here you have to enter 995 in incoming server port for POP3 and 993 for IMAP. Then choose this server requires encrypted connection and enter 587 for outgoing server port and click OK to close the dialog box
  • Then you have to click on test account setting and click next to exit the dialog box.

To know more Contact Outlook Customer Service support