How To Close Account and Delete Hotmail Account


Do you want to close your existent Hotmail account? If so then read the simple process that would easily aid you in getting rid of all the issues and complications.

Closing the account means that your email and contacts are deleted from the server and cannot be recovered and the email address can be only recovered after 60 days of the closing of the account and can be used by someone. In order to close the account it is significant to understand all the ramifications How To Close Account and Delete Hotmail email account permanently closing the account. For instance you have to affirm that you are not leaving behind any important information which you might need it later.

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To successfully Close Account and Delete Hotmail email account permanently

  • Go to close the account
    • If you are asked to sign in or verify the account just follow the instructions
    • Check that the page shows the correct Microsoft account and click, Next
    • When you are asked a reason in ‘Select a Reason’ select that you are closing your account
    • Click on Mark account for Closure

And you have successfully closed the account but in case you are encountering any trouble then you can reach out to the experts from Microsoft. Hotmail customer support is instantly offered to users in order to best resolve all their complications and issues.

How To Close & Delete Account via Hotmail Customer Technical Assistance

Technical issues ought to be clearly resolved else they can lead to numerous complications. If you are experiencing any trouble in your mail account especially for closing it then you can fetch needed assistance from Hotmail customer support professionals who are highly trained qualified professionals and offer best assistance.

Hotmail Help Desk Number

If you are looking for swift assistance to overcome various complications in your hotmail account then you can avail needed help from technicians at Hotmail helpline contact details. The experts offer holistic assistance and resolve all problems sans any hassles.



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