Archiving, Finding and Moving Messages in Gmail

In professional life you have to deal with several mails on day to day basis. By the day end not all mails remain important to you but you certainly can’t trash them as they can be of important for future. The best way is to keep all the mails in your account is by archiving them.

One can easily archive the mails with simple procedure

1 Login your Gmail account

2 Open the message you want to archive or select the check box in front of it

3 Click on the Archive button

But in case you want to archive several messages at one go

1 Select the messages you want to archive based on specific search

2 In the toolbar above check on the checkbox and all messages on the page will be selected

3 Click on the Archive button

In order to Find the Gmail Message follow the steps below

One of the best ways to find out your archived messages is by doing advanced search. For advanced searches click the small in arrow of the search box and fill the information you want to search

1 Login your Gmail account

2 On the left side under the compose button hover your mouse over label list

3 Click on more at the bottom of the Label list and scroll down

4 Click on All mail in the More. If All Mail is not under More then browse at the top of your label list

Move Archived Messages in your Gmail Account with Simple steps below

1 After you locate the message check on the checkbox
2 In the tool bar above click on Move to icon
3 Hover on inbox and click

You can easily archive, move and find mails through simple processes discussed above but in case you are unable to accomplish your task then you Gmail technical support assistance is one stop solution.