How can I access the block Gmail at work/office?


Today it’s a daily routine for every web user they access the email by using the Gmail. If you found the blocked Gmail access at your work place, then here I share some of the tips to bypass it.

1) Try to access your Gmail account by using other web address like:, etc instead of using If the IT administrator has blocked the then you can use this trick here to solve your problem.
2) You can also access your blocked Gmail by the help of iGoogle. Such as:
• First of all you have to login on iGoogle using your Google account.
• After that you have to add Gmail gadget with iGoogle by using the add button on screen. It’s done! Now you can easily access your Gmail account inside the iGoogle.
3) Here is another option; you can access your Gmail account by using the opera mini simulator. As we know that the opera mini is widely used and most popular web browser for mobile device. It gives permission to user to work with live demo of opera mini. Just go to and start accessing your blocked Gmail by using the
4) Simply configure the mail clients such as: live mail, outlook etc to access your Gmail by the help of POP or IMAP protocol. This trick is very helpful for those professionals who want to access their blocked Gmail with these mail clients.
5) You can also access your blocked Gmail by installing the Google desktop feature in your system. Through this feature user can easily access their Gmail without any restriction.
6) If you have smart phone and internet connection then surely you can access your Gmail here without any problem. You can easily read and reply the mails.
7) Through Google talk you can easily access the Gmail, if you have Google talk which is installed in your office, then just click on Gmail icon which is next to view button on Gtalk window and start accessing your Gmail and hope it works for you.
8) Last but not least, simply make any friend in IT department which helps you to access the Gmail. And after all we are humans, we have feelings so that person will definitely understand your problem and make you trouble free.

Hope these all above steps will solve your problem to access the blocked Gmail.


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