How to Get Rid Of Spam Forever from Gmail Account?


Today, a normal person can receive approx 500 pieces of junk mail which become hectic for that user. This continuously receiving of spam mails becomes the user more irritating and if you are getting sick of that kind of mails then simply hit the delete button and get rid of this problem. Here, through this post you will know how to get rid of spam messages.

If you are Gmail user and continuously receive unwanted mail then try these steps which I mention below to solve your problem regarding spam.

  • First, simply log in your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.
  • Once you successfully enter in your Gmail account, click on spam which is located at top left side.
  • After that click “all” it means you select all messages for delete purpose.
  • Finally hit the delete forever option and you will see your spam messages are delete.

This is the simple way to get rid of spam mails. But apart from that I share some of the best possible way to get rid of the spam mails.

  • If you want a proper resolution regarding this problem so immediately blacklist a domain, server or sender so that you will never receive any kind of spam mails from them.
  • You can also use spam filter option to get rid of the spam messages. There are two spam filter techniques i.e. SPAM fighter Pro or mail washer pro which is basically designed to reduce the spam mails.
  • You can simply report to that spam. If you are Gmail user then look here where I mention some steps, how to report of spam mails.
  • First go to sign page of Gmail and enter your email address and password. After that once you enter in your Gmail account, open that mail which you think is spam.
  • Now click on down arrow which is located at right side of message.
  • After that scroll it and search for report spam.

Once you report it as a spam then you will never receive any kind of unwanted mail from that person or company.

  • If you thinks that your mail account is time to time is flooded by spam mails so the best way to get rid of this problem is to change your mail account.

If you have any other query or problem regarding spam then try to contact with technical experts for instant support.


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