How to Set a Proxy in Outlook for Gmail?


Before setting the proxy first of all we should know what actually proxy is? The proxy is a program or computer system which acts as a middle man. Here the term middle man means, intermediary between the client’s computer and server computer. It also plays a vital role “identification shield” between the server and the clients. Some of the features of proxy are:

  • It is called “security protector device” between the server and clients.
  • The proxy protects your identity and security from getting hacked and damaged.
  • User can easily use this proxy server in the form of free of cost and paid as well.
  • The proxy always hides the internals clients from external networks.

That’s why I recommend you people to use this proxy setting if you want to protect your all information, data etc being hacked and theft. But to set up this is not a spoon feeding task that’s why users didn’t know how to setup a proxy in Gmail. But you are in right place because here you will get the solution regarding this problem by just following the post below.

For Outlook express:

  • Simply open your Gmail account and move to setting icon, click on setting option then you have to click on Enable IMAP in Gmail and click on save changes.
  • After that you have to open your outlook express, and choose tool menu and click on accounts. Now you have to enter the name in the display name field and click on next option. Now just enter your email address and click on next button.
  • Here you have to configure your email server. For this, choose IMAP from the drop down menu and mention in the SMTP field and then click on next option. Here you have to enter your email address in the field of account name and hit the finish button.
  • In account and click on properties section you have to highlight the and hit the option advanced tap and check the boxes indicating that server requires secure connection.
  • In outgoing box, you have to enter the 465.
  • Under the server tabs you have to check the boxes which require the authentication and enter your username and password for your Gmail account and finally click on OK.

Here you did it, but if you are not able to getting these steps just contact to technical experts for further support.


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