How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail?


If you want quick mailing facility and instant communication then surely you have to go with one of the best and advanced mailing platform called Gmail. I know some of the users still prefer the previous mailing platform such as: hotmail, that’s why they didn’t get the instant and quick mailing features. If you are a hotmail user and facing the jammed issue and all then immediately you have to switch with most proficient web mail service i.e. Gmail. And once if you are using the Gmail for mailing activities then damn sure you didn’t have to face this type of problem in future.

But how will you switch from hotmail to Gmail, if you think like that then go with the steps below so that you can know how to sync the hotmail with Gmail account. You can do this process through two methods:

  • Simple you can transfer your contact. For this:
  • First you have to open your hotmail account by entering your email address and password. After that just click on contact option which is located at left sidebar. Under the contact page you have to click on manage menu and select export.
  • After this step just log in your Gmail account and go to contact window where you find the option of import.
  • After that hit the choose file button and open the file “WLMcontacts.csv” make sure this your hotmail contact. Now you’re all contact are moved to Gmail.
  • You can also transfer everything. For this:
  • Open your Gmail account through your email address and password. Then go to setting icon, scroll down and click on the setting option.
  • Under the setting option you will find the option of account and import just click on that. After that, here you have to go with import mail and contact option.
  • Once you did this, and then enter your hotmail email address and hotmail password.
  • Here you will find some options choose the desired option and click on start import.
  • After that, it takes some time to import your contact successfully. And once you complete it, you are good to go.

Further if you have any issue or problem regarding transferring the mail then immediately contact to technical experts. They solve your all problem step by step and make you error free.


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