Internet explorer browser has been crashed? Find the reliable solution here


Suppose if you are working with your email account but suddenly you found that your internet explorer web browser is not perfectly working, freezes, hang or crashes then how can you troubleshoot this issue? I know this is very annoying situation for any user if they do not properly working with their internet explorer. To make you trouble free, here I am sharing some of the best troubleshoot tips so that you can again working with your internet explorer.

1) Simply go with reset the internet explorer:

  • Immediately open your internet explorer and click on tool menu.
  • Tap the internet option & then press on advanced tab
  • Now you have to click on reset button. Once you click on that here you will find another box and checked a box which is named as “delete personal setting”
  • Finally you have to click on reset button. Hope this problem will solve, if not then go with another steps.

2) Sometime this problem is also occurring due to graphics hardware and graphics and driver. So in this case you have to disable your software rendering.

  • First open your internet explorer then click on tool menu
  • Now click on internet option and then press the advanced tab
  • Here you have to unchecked a option which is named as “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” which is located at accelerated graphics.

Again this encountered problem? Then try these steps:

3) This type of problem is happens with browser’s cookies and cache. So immediately clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

  • First you have to open the setting menu which is located at top right corner
  • Then hit the internet option. Then go to general tab where you will find browsing history option
  • Now you have to check the temporary files and websites files, cookies & website data, history and download history boxes & finally click on delete option. Now close the internet explorer and restart it

4) You can also uninstall the unwanted toolbar

5) You can also disable the unwanted add-ons from the internet explorer

6) First uninstall the java, flash player and silver light and then again re-install it.


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