Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password – Take this solution


Today everyone’s life is busy and due to this hectic schedule they forget their important password and id which is related to their mail account, bank account and so on. Similarly this happens with Gmail user who unfortunately forget their Gmail password and not able to recover their password. Without password they feel helpless because they didn’t manage their emailing activities. So if think, this problem is somewhere is related to you then immediately follow the points which is mention below so that you can easily recover your password and make you trouble free.

Here user can easily recover their Gmail password by the help two ways:

Through Gmail website:

  • Open in your browser which you are using for your Gmail account.
  • Now you have to click on forgot password which is below the password field.
  • Then enter the last password if you remember it. But if you can’t remember then hit another option called try different question. You have to give the answer and then click on next.
  • After doing this you have to follow the instruction which is mention on the screen for account verification.
  • You can confirm your verification through text message or email which is sent by the Google.
  • Now open the email or text message which Google sent to you. Now you have to enter the verification code on screen
  • Then enter new password and confirm your password again.
  • After that click on change password and last click on accept

Through The Gmail App

  • In this method you have to open your Gmail app. And click on “add an email address”
  • Then hit the button Google. Now enter the email address or phone number which is related to your Gmail account & click the next button which is located at lower right corner. & Click on forget password option
  • Here you mention the last remember password. But if you can’t remember than click on try another way to sig in option.
  • Then follow the instruction very carefully for password recover by text or email. And enter the code which is provided by the Google
  • Then enter the password and confirm it again.
  • Then hit the button next and last click on accept button. By doing these two method you are capable to recover your password.


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